Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

There once was a girl who was born on a day-
the 28th actually . . . just before May.

She sang and she danced, had curls galore-

Until that fateful day with scissors-those curls were no more!

She grew up in Nebraska, Omaha to be exact . . .

Over the years it was here she learned to sing, dance and act.

She followed her dream-off to NYC she did head

Went to the one destination where she truly felt led.

It wasn't long after arriving, she experienced success-

Sharing a stage with Carol Channing, Dolly Levi in a red dress.

The years flew by quickly, but kept her heart in dance

Led by the Lord, not by random chance.

As chapters would end and new ones began,

She kept living life-according to His plan.

That plan included motherhood-daughters totaling three

How she maintained sanity-the answer es
capes me!

Three sisters we were . . . known as singers and dancers

And of course through the teen years, thought we had all the answers!

But age does a funny thing, especially upon becoming a mom

When suddenly you discover you had it all wrong!

And now that I am a mom (to girls nonetheless)

I just have to tell you, I need to confess!

My mom is so smart-especially during the years that I "knew" it all

I hope I'm doing half as good a job, as I stumble and I fall!

So Mom, from me to you-pleas
e allow me say
I love you like crazy and Happy Birthday!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome Spring! (I think)

When you live in the area that we do, you hold your breath in between seasons. You see, you could be having a lovely time at the park with your kids one moment, then rush home to get out your snow shovel. There's no way of predicting things.

But, I think spring is making a comeback. (Understand I am holding my breath as I type this.)

What a winter it's been. Goodbye and good riddance. I loved the new addition of the woodburing stove in our house these past several months, but I'm over it. Bring on warm weather!

This is one of my favorite parts of spring . . . the signs of new growth on my rosebushes-especially on the rose bushes from my grandfather's yard.

Mackenzie's preschool had a field trip to a nursery this past week. Each child got a chance to "plant" their own geranium in a pot. Mackenzie chose a pink geranium. Surprising, I know.

Here she checks out the small buds on her plant. It won't be long!

As we walked through the nursery, I started to mentally plan my garden. Celery was a big hit in our house last year. We'll definitely do a repeat along with the usual fare . . . tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers . . .

And did I mention that we added asparagus to the garden last year?

Yesterday, I cheated and picked 6 stalks. Technically we're not supposed to harvest any this year, but I couldn't help myself. I mean, it is important to make sure we chose well last spring. Right???

For the record, we chose really well. It was DELICIOUS!!!!

Of course, spring also brings new dilemmas . . . more time to carve out of the day for maintaining the yard, mowing, watering and so on. The other dilemmas would be dealing with Thing 1 and Thing 2 when it comes to selecting the wardrobe ensemble for the day. Here is an example of the fun in our house yesterday morning:

Me: "Alright, let's get your outfit out for school today."

Thing 2: "Wait!" (pushing arm out in my direction-sort of like a "Stop in the Name of Love" kind of way) "I think it's nice out today. Can I wear a skirt?"

Me: "Well, it's . . . "

Thing 2: (Interrupting) "No! Wait! I think I want to wear capri's."

Me: "Ok, I think . . . "

Thing 2: "No! Wait! I think I want to wear a dress!"

Me: "But, you're going . . . "

Thing 2: "No! Wait! I want to find a cute t-shirt!"

Me: "That's a much better . . . "

Thing 2: "No! Wait! I think I want the skirt!" (rummaging through wardrobe again) "Oh mommy!!!! I want to wear my new sandals! No! Wait! Maybe my crocs. No! Wait! How 'bout these pretty white shoes? Those would be good!"

Finally I gave up, left her room and let her agonize over the decision for awhile. I had other things to do.

Like find the snow shovel again because around here, you just never know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The word "tradition" usually brings to mind thoughts of Christmas. We have such traditions, but we also have another tradition. It's called GO BIG RED!

The time has come to share the tradition with future generations of Husker fans. Maybe even future players and cheerleaders???

This past weekend, another "pilgrimage" to Memorial Stadium was made. This time however, some future "greatest fans in college football" were along for the ride. Nebraska's annual spring scrimmage (a.k.a. Red/White Game) took place on Saturday.

Prior to kickoff was the spring game luncheon. As we ate and awaited words from Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne, Mackenzie and Cassidy got to mingle with some cheerleaders. Mackenzie was more than happy to borrow poms from one of the girls!

Prior to game time, I wondered if the girls would enjoy themselves and get into the spirit of it all.

I'm pretty certain that they did!

Nanna had a "first" all of her own this past weekend. In all the years of attending games, she had never stepped foot onto the field itself. Ever!!!

Until now!

What a great weekend for all of us! Honestly, I don't know who had more fun . . . the adults or the kids.

And so the tradition continues! Go Big Red!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I miss blogging.

I find myself sitting at the computer thinking that I need to update. Then I get stuck. What to write about? Ho hum. Boring. Then I remember that to-do list sitting in my planner and feel guilty. To get the paperwork off to our accountant before April 15th or to update the blog . . . hmmmm . . .

Then again, the main reason that I started this blog was to simply write. If it all doesn't fit or seem amusing or interesting, life goes on. Right?

So, without further ado . . . I give you my past week-in review. It's random, amusing to some, completely boring to others, but it's mine. Here goes:

Our children's department at church ushered in the start of Holy Week by waving their "palms" this last Sunday as they paraded through the sanctuary. This was the first year that we didn't see both of our girls waving branches, as Cassidy's age group didn't take part. They only had the "young" children participate. I'll readily admit to being a little misty-eyed that she's considered to be "too old" to take part.

While we're on the topic of tears, Cassidy headed to camp on Monday with her class. No, Cassidy did not cry. I didn't cry, either. Mackenzie, on the other hand, had the motherload of all meltdowns. Oh my word! It was horrible, but it was a great teaching opportunity to remind Cassidy that when she thinks her little sister is driving her beserk, Thing 2 loves her like crazy. (Never mind the drama and hormones that exist within this house-I'm sure it was all pure love. Ha!) I too, will use the memory to remind myself of their sisterly love when they're driving me CRAZY!!!!! (As a side note, the camper had a great time-even with the snow on the ground on the morning of her departure.)

Oh yes, and I did mention the word hormones in that last paragraph, right? I can't believe that I'm going to go public here, but here goes nothing . . .

I experienced my first real-honest-to-goodness HOT flash a few nights ago. Hand. Over. The. Ice. Packs. I found out that it's a little like childbirth. No amount of "been there, done that" stories from well-meaning women can accurately prepare you for this experience. If any of you have ever heard the comedic description of childbirth as being similar to that of pulling your bottom lip up and over your forehead, then allow me to try and match the hot flash experience with one of my own.

Have you ever tried to start a fire? (I'm talking on purpose here-not like when you start to cook rice and forget about it and cause smoke damage to a home.) It's a little like that moment when the fire gets that sudden burst of flame and is roaring along very nicely! Now . . . picture wrapping that fire in a few layers of something that will trap the heat, causing you to think that the outer layer is so hot that it just might peel off and melt. But, to make it more interesting, add an element of frustration to the mix . . . like the feeling of trying to find the end on a roll of packing tape or trying to untie a knot in a shoelace in less than 10 seconds. When you add it all up, this should accurately help describe the sensation . . . sudden fire-comes to life inside my core. But, because I have enjoyed being warm at night, I have these wonderfully suffocating flannel sheets on our bed. Add to that my flannel pj's and you have the perfect recipe for a combustible that only a trained firefighter would dare challenge with a lit match. In fact, as I write this, Gregg is informing me that each time I move at night, I already cause sparks to appear under the covers due to static electricity. Add the element of surprise (middle of the night) and confusion (remember . . . I was in a dead sleep . . . no coffee in sight) and you have the makings of an experience that has been like no other I've met in my life. Until now.

My first reaction was to rid myself of all bedding. I'll spare you the details of what happened next, but I will say that it's not what I WANTED to do. Had I allowed myself to really experience instant comfort (and remember that I DID NOT do this), I would have ripped off every stitch of clothing and run outside in the snow (and as luck would have it, it was doing that very thing that night) and pressed my body against the glass storm door on the front of the house. Now THAT would have been heaven. Unfortunately, it might have landed me in jail for indecent exposure. I pictured my family. We'd have to move out of state as a result of my menopause because people would look at them with pity every time the subject of my incarceration, the fire department, and bail money would come up. I couldn't do that to them. Suffer I must. And I did. And thankfully it passed. And hopefully it won't ever happen again. And yes, I can hear my mom laughing even before she reads this because I know it's only just begun. Yay 40. Welcome to my world.

Now . . . where was I? Oh yes . . . the planner sitting on my kitchen table right now. . . to blog or work on my to-do list. That reminds me that I need to make a new entry on that list and add "buy a fan" ASAP.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

I've never been a huge fan of April Fool's Day . . . mainly because I've never been good at thinking up a good prank. Some things just seem too mean and others are just lame. Other pranks are just unforgivable-like Allison's ensemble on "American Idol" last night. Obviously her stylist got Allison REALLY good-just one day early!

As I was putting my makeup on this morning, Cassidy wandered in and started giggling. "Mommy!" she said in a dramatic whisper. "Look at the April Fools Day joke I'm playing on Daddy!" With that, she opened the shower curtain with a flourish to reveal she'd switched the spots where he keeps his shampoo and shaving cream. "Oooh... " I said, "you got him good!" If only I'd thought of something that creative. Rats.

Here, in no particular order, are some thoughts I've been tossing around as a potential April Fools Day joke for my husband.

The girls got through the entire day without bickering! (Nah, he'd never believe this one.)

I got through the whole day without coffee. (My alertness would never sell this one.)

Mackenzie hasn't whined once today. (See #1)

Papa Dean doesn't like Menard's anymore. (Might make him cry-don't want to go there.)

I've subscribed to the other newspaper in town. (Might make him mad-don't want to go there, either.)

I've been hypnotized and don't fear squirrels or chipmunks anymore. (I've already tried this and it didn't work.) Just kidding. But now I've gotta wonder . . .

I'd like to have another baby. (ROFLOL! I'd never be able to say it with a straight face!)

So, I've got nothin'. What excellent prank have you ever played for April Fool's Day? Anyone? Anyone?