Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Dance As Though No One Is Watching You" . . . or something like that!

I love that quote, but never really thought about it in the way I experienced earlier this afternoon.

Mackenzie was looking to redeem a birthday gift card this afternoon and after much deliberation and weighing of the choices, used it to purchase a kids CD with "YMCA" on it. (Actually, that song is what sold her on this particular CD-to say that she LOVES that song would be a gross understatement.)

Anyhoo, I made a detour to McDonald's on our way home. Because I have discovered the joys of the mocha frappe this summer, I decided that the day and the temperature were "frappe-worthy" so we swung into the drive-thru before heading home after our shopping trip. But, I digress . . .

After paying at the first window, I followed the instructions and drove to the second window and waited for the window to slide open. I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more. I didn't mind though-Mackenzie had requested that I put her new CD in the player and go to track 14 . . . "YMCA." So I did . . . and I blasted it. LOUDLY! And I did ALL the arm motions-spelled it out and jammed in between the choruses. It was one of my finer dance moments really, if I do say so myself. And suddenly I happened to glance to my left. There, smiling broadly, was the friendly McDonald's employee waiting with my frappe.

I quickly turned the volume down as I rolled down the window, gave the woman a sheepish smile and apologized for not noticing her sooner. Thankfully, she grinned and said "that's ok. I was actually enjoying the show."

And to think . . . I really thought no one was watching.

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